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Shares in the vegan company Beyond Meat soared on their Wall Street debut

Did you know?

Shares of vegan company  Beyond Meat soared on their Wall Street debut.

Shares went up +163% on their first day, valuing the California company at close to $3.8bn.

This shows that investors are betting on the success of plant-based foods.

Beyond Meat creates substitutes for meat by using ingredients that mimic the composition of animal-based meat, like proteins from peas, fava beans and soy.

This comes as more and more people are concerned by the huge environmental impact of the meat and diary industries which are among the biggest polluting industries the world.

They use the vast majority of farmland available, consume huge amounts of water, and produce more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transportation sector.

So why not giving it a try? Try your first vegan burger and reduce your environmental footprint!

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Some companies offer climate perks for employees

Did you know?

Some firms give more time off to those who choose low-carbon transport options for their holidays.

More and more companies are signing-up to climate perks schemes, where employees are rewarded for choosing to travel by bus, train, carpool, instead of flying by plane.

Because travel by train or bus generally takes longer than flying, firms are awarding employees free additional days off.

We think this is a great scheme, why not talking to your company about it?

If you really have to travel by plane and no other option is available, why not offsetting your carbon footprint?

How does it work: when you book a flight somewhere, the airline calculates the amount of fuel used and emissions released. You pay an extra fee, and that money is used for projects that stop other emissions going into the atmosphere. This can involve funding renewable or forestry projects, planting new trees, or donations to environmental associations.

Remember that aviation emissions are rising, and the problem is growing because flying is getting cheaper. Consider low-carbon alternatives when possible!