Phytoplankton are the biggest producers of oxygen on earth

Did you know that more than half of the oxygen on earth is produced by these tiny one-celled plants in the surface of the ocean called phytoplankton?

As we often speak about the oxygen produced by trees and plants, we often forget that phytoplankton are the biggest oxygen producer on earth.

These tiny microscopic plants just float in the ocean surface, and go with the flow!

They grow through photosynthesis, meaning they convert CO2 using the sun energy, and release oxygen. They also need nutrients from the bottom of the ocean itself like iron, nitrogen or phosphate.

Not only do they provide oxygen for all of us on earth, but phytoplankton are also at the bottom of the food chain in the ocean. Small fish eat them and are in turn eaten by bigger fishes.

Unfortunately, phytoplankton are in danger due to climate change. ?

Phytoplankton prefer cooler water, and as the oceans are getting warmer, their population is decreasing. Migration of phytoplankton to cooler waters could impact marine life that could starve.

In conclusion, it is important to protect our oceans!